When God Smiles

Good Monday Morning to this week 42/2018

Smile on me, your servant, and teach me your laws.

Make thy face to shine upon thy servant. The face of God shines upon us, when, in his providence, we are guided and upheld; also when we are made to share in the good things of his providence, and when we are placed in a position wherein we can do much good. Much more does the face of God shine upon us, when we are favored with tokens of his gracious favor; for then we grow under the consciousness of a loving God, with rich supplies of his grace and Spirit. John Stephen

Make thy face to shine upon thy servant. Oftentimes the wrongful dealings of men, of others, and of ourselves, like a cloud of smoke arising from the earth and obscuring the face of the sun, hide from us for a while the light, of the countenance of God: but he soon clears it all away, and looks down upon us in loving mercy as before, lighting for us the path of obedience, and brightening our way unto himself. Plain Commentary,” 1859.

Make thy face to shine teach me, etc. God hath many ways of teaching; he teaches by book, he teaches by his fingers, he teaches by his rod; but his most comfortable and effectual teaching is by the light of his eye: “O send out thy light and thy truth; let them lead me: let them bring me unto thy holy hilt:” Psalms 42:3 . –Richard Alleine (1611-1681), in “Heaven Opened.”

When God smiles we have:

A choice position: “we as his servants.”
A choice delight: “He shines, His face shines on us.”
A choice privilege: ” He teaches us His statutes.”

Or in Psalm 80:20

Lord God of hosts, restore us;
light up your face and we shall be saved.

The return of the Lord’s smile restores ….

The lesson of the psalm is clear. The smile of the Lord upon our lives is a desirable thing. You need His smile on your life regardless of the cost, and the first step in that direction is to seek Him.

His smile replaces His anger.
His smile saves!
His smile prospers His people.

The reading begins with an appeal for the Lord to “shine forth to smile!” The need is for the clouds of divine disfavor to be swept away, and for the sunlight of His love to once again warm, restore and uplift the souls of His people.

Prayer for this day and week:

Jehovah! restore me, cause Thy face to shine (smile on me), that I shall be saved!
Jehovah bless us and protect us.
ADONAI make your face shine on us and show us your favor.
ADONAI lift up your face towards us (with your smile) and give us your peace.

Wishing a great week!


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