The excited commotion and scramble

Chapter 7

Good Monday Morning to this week 8 of 2020

Zacchaeus, scrambled out of the tree, hardly believing his luck, delighted to take Jesus home. Luke 19.6 MSG

Scramble and commotion are related words, both very often used within the context of Israel and the teachings and parables of Jesus.

Scramble; to move somewhere quickly and in a way that is not graceful, to move something upwards, make one’s way quickly or awkwardly up a steep gradient or over rough ground by using one’s hands as well as one’s feet.

Commotion; a sudden, short period of noise, confusion, or excited movement

Other terms of seen: To be in haste, see the commotion, a growing disarray, the cluttered, there was a bustle or scuffle, commotion and hurry, scramble and stir.

Zacchaeus scrambled up and down from the sycamore tree.

The Sycomorus,  the fig-mulberry, having fig-like fruit and leaves like the mulberry. A strong tree with great branches, and are easily climbed. That a man of this chief publican’s dignity would have resorted to such a manoeuvrer suggests his foresight, energy, determination, and ingenuity.

Curiosity carried Zacchaeus to scramble up the tree , in haste he scrambled down the tree, being called by name was great reason to do so quickly, past the commotion, the love and invitation of Jesus brought him down and to his house. There he received his guest Jesus joyfully! This joy is significant and showing a previous yearning for this encounter.  The internal revolution of Zacchaeus was as perfect as instantaneous,  receiving the free and full forgiveness of his sins, a justifying righteousness, an abundance of grace.

I’m getting a few words and ideas here for us, for myself, this morning:
Curiosity, scrambling, excited commotion, invitation, being called by name, receiving in joy, forgiveness, abundance.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Beatitudes

This beatitude gets the heart of the matter, echoes and rings in my ears as I sit here contemplating this wonderful short story out of the life of Jesus.

As we scramble to the busy schedules of this week, let’s remember the joyful commotion of being met my Jesus in our homes and being called by His name!

Wishing you a wonderful start to this week.








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