Can God end the conversation?

Chapter 21/2020

Good Monday Morning to this week 20 of 2020 (week 9 with lockdown openings)

There’s an old story that a Rabbi shared:

A listener to the story of Rabbi breathed in deeply and said: The way Christians read the Bible that doesn’t make sense to me as a Jew!  “We don’t read stories in the Bible looking for beliefs. We read them for meaning…to guide us in the predicaments in life, and help us know who we are, why we’re here, where we’re going, to help us be better people, so we can heal the world. And we never let one interpretation end the conversation. We see our sacred stories as bottomless wells of meaning.” That perspective seems like a much richer journey.

The story goes that there were a group of Rabbis arguing about the meaning of the Biblical text and they came back, day after day. The argument raged on about who had the right meaning of the text.

Finally, there was a voice from heaven and God spoke and said:

Here is the true meaning of the text…”

Well, all the rabbis stood up and looked toward the heavens and said, “Now you be quiet. If you gave us this book, then it’s our responsibility and our right to hash out its meaning. You aren’t allowed to come in and end this conversation if you gave us this text.”


food for thought!

Elijah appeared to them along with Moses; and they were talking with Jesus. Mark 9:4

Nice! They got to have a conversation, a very special one, with Jesus!

Might we be more than just a little part of God’s unfinished future here on earth?

Maybe it’s also our turn to tell God, no you can’t end the conversation! We’re in it too!

Wishing you all and end to the restrictions, solutions to battling the virus
and most of all, a continued and on-going conversation with God!





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