We grow

Chapter 41

Good Monday Morning to this week 42 of 2020

You have planted them, and they have taken root; they grow and bear fruit.
You are always on their lips but far from their hearts. Jeremiah 12:2

God comes nearer to the hearts of His people.

By God’s nearness we understand not His omnipresence (that neither comes nor goes), nor His love to His people (that abides), but the sensible, sweet manifestations and outlets of it to their souls. John Flavel

We grow
Our sincere souls are sensible to God’s accesses to them in our duties, we feel His approaches to our spirit. Our hearts fills apace, the empty thoughts swell with a fulness of spiritual things, which strive for vent.

We grow
Sensible of God’s withdrawment from our spirits; we feel how the ebb follows the flood, and how the waters abate.

We grow
The Lord’s nearness to out hearts, is evident from the effect that it leaves upon our spirit. For look, as it is with the earth and plants, with respect to the approach or remove of the sun in the spring and autumn, so it is here as God speaks.

We grow
With the taste of the joy of the Lord, given to us with the fullness of His Spirit.

We grow
With a mighty strength and power coming into our soul, actuating all its faculties and graces. When God comes near, new powers enter the soul especially to the feeble the the example of King David all so often in Psalms.

We grow
By a remarkable transformation and change of Spirit following. The sight of God, the felt presence of God, is as fire, which quickly assimilates what is put into it, to its own likeness.

We grow
With a vigorous working of the heart heavenward; a mounting of the soul upward.

We grow
By a glimpse of God’s presence, going down to our hearts? Oh, how unutterable, then, must that be which is seen and felt above, where God comes as near to man as can be!

Wishing you this, His nearness and presence this week.


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