Words like balm to the soul

Chapter 18

Good Monday Morning to this week 18 of 2021

For she said; If I may but touch of his clothes, I shall be whole.

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper was born on September 24,
1825, in Baltimore, Maryland. She was one of the most well known
African American writers of the nineteenth century. Harper published
several collections of poetry, including Forest Leaves in 1846.

One beautiful poem out of Mark 5.28

For she kept saying to herself, “If I could touch even his clothes, I know I will be healed.
(coming from the Greek word  “sozo” with many meanings including; safe and sound, healed, delivered, made whole, rescued, restored, and saved.

Life to her no brightness brought,
Pale and sorrow’d was her brow,
Till a bright and joyous thought,
Lit the darkness of her woe.

Long had sickness on her prayed;
Strength from every nerve had gone;
Skill and art could give no aid,
Thus her weary life passed on.

Like a sad and mornful dream,
Daily felt she life depart;
Hourly knew the vital stream,
Left the fountains of her heart.

He who’d lull’d the storm to rest,
Cleans’d the lepers, raised the dead;
Whilst a crowd around him prest
Near that suffering one did tread.

Nerv’d by blended hope and fear,
Reason’d thus her anxious heart, –
If to touch him I draw near,
All my suffering shall depart.

While the crowd around him stand,
I will touch, the sufferer said, –
Forth she reach’d her timid hand,
As she touch’d, her sickness fled.

“Who hath touch’d me.” Jesus cried,
Virtue from my body’s gone;
From the crowd a voice replied,
Why inquire, thousands throng.

Faint with fear thro’ ev’ry limb,
Yet too grateful to deny;
Tremblingly, she knelt to him,
“Lord,” she answered, “It was I.”

Kindly, gently, Jesus said,
Words like balm unto her soul,
Peace upon her life be shed,
Child, thy faith has made thee whole.

Wishing a blessed week with words like balm to your soul!


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