Because you are unique

Chapter 19

Good Monday Morning to this week 19 of 2021

Psalm 139.14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made ….

Here a little story of company fully embracing this, finding the solution in it’s biggest crisis in making an emphasis in being unique together!

Akiyama is a biometric identification company that operates in various forms of application of biometrics . The company was founded in 2005, it has a factory in Pato Branco in Brazil. The company developed a system that collects and analyzes fingerprints, thanks to the simple and intelligible interface, the tool can be used by anyone.

Thaís and Ismael Akiyama had big plans for 2020. It was the year they would expand Akiyama, their Brazil-based business to new markets. Their two new companies were positioned for explosive growth. Massive projects were lined up, and profits were expected to hit record highs.

Yet, as King Solomon warns in Proverbs, “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.” An invisible storm was swiftly approaching that would plunge the world into crisis and force business owners in every industry to confront a threat to their very survival. When the coronavirus hit, no sector was safe. As 2020 spiraled and business leaders were forced to making hard decisions, navigating unforeseen challenges, the Akiyamas saw everything they had built start to crumble. The Brazilian government, slashed its biometric budget, payments only trickled in, and hospitals delayed adapting their new technology as they struggled with an overwhelming influx of COVID-19 patients. 

Managing three different companies with three distinct missions was a juggling act even before the pandemic. Once it hit, things looked bleak for the Akiyamas, yet they didn’t falter. They digitally gathered their team of administrators and employees across all three companies and made a commitment to the whole group summed up in the hashtag #strongertogether.

“The storm came for all of our companies, and we understood that we couldn’t find a way out by ourselves,” says Thaís Akiyama. “We needed to join together, building a community and identity as a group.”

The Akiyamas consolidated the disparate companies under one umbrella and mission, and it served as a catalyst for transformation. They took the crisis as an opportunity to be intentional about their faith anchored in hope and declared 2020 a year of revival. The Akiyamas changed their presentation, no longer letting their action be swayed or influenced by the system of bribery so pervasive in the Brazilian business word. Employees across the three companies started collaborating on community projects.

In this business story I see a great lesson. Being unique is not in contradiction to serving and joining in community and finding identity not only as individual but also as group.

Wishing you a blessed week as you all seek ways out and through this unprecedented pandemic leaving no stone unturned.


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