Tumbling towards us

Chapter 20

Good Monday Morning to this week 20 of 2021

The parable of the lost sheep (Matthew 18: 10–14)
Jesus tells the parable of the lost sheep to show that the Kingdom of God is accessible to all. The shepherd leaves the 99 others and searches high and low for the lost sheep.

Theologian Martin Buber adds another dimension as he wrote in his great work, I and Thou:

“Of course God is “the wholly other”: but he is also the wholly same: the wholly present. Of course he is the mysterium tremendum that appears and overwhelms: but he is also the mystery of the obvious that is closer to me then my own I. God is there and here at once, at the same time. He’s with the ninety-nine sheep and he’s with me, too. His searching for us knows no limits – no bounds. His is in a relentless search for us. We can move back and forth every moment between his being in us and separate from us at the very same instant. He’s the searcher but he’s also here, in us, the found.

“That you need God more than anything, you know at all times in your heart. But don’t you know also that God needs you – in the fullness of his eternity, you? How would man exist if God did not need him, and how would you exist? You need God in order to be, and God needs you – for that which is the meaning of your life. Teachings and poems try to say more, and say too much: how murky and presumptuous is the chatter of the “emerging God” – but the emergence of the living God we know unswervingly in our hearts. The world is not divine plan, it is divine fate. That there are world, man, the human person, you and I, has divine meaning.

We are tumbling toward God all our lives. Sometimes we know it; sometimes we don’t. And God is tumbling toward us as well. He’s seeking us – the one of the hundred – and he wants us found. And, one at a time, he also looks for the other ninety-nine.

Tumbling as adjective: tipped or slanted out of the vertical —used especially of a cattle brand …. gives it even more meaning!

Jesus is very much alive and he’s with us, we as also spiritual beings. Jesus is most aware of our spirit self because he also spirit. Our spirit selves have amazing abilities – more than we can comprehend at this time. Jesus is with us and know us as spirit, we as beloved children of God, know by Him the creator, the universal breath.

The only possible relationship with God is to address him and to be addressed by him, here and now—or, as Buber puts it, in the present.

Wishing you a blessed week in the present found state as you tumble towards God and God tumbling towards you!


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