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Our place in the story

Chapter 41

Good Monday Morning to this week 41 of 2022

Place is fundamental to human existence. However, we have lost the very human sense of place in today’s postmodern and globalised world.

It is rootlessness and not meaninglessness that characterises the current crisis. There are no meanings apart from roots. Walter Brueggemann

Place is a spiritual phenomenon, integral to our relationship with God in Christ. We often have had a tendency to separate the spiritual from the physical, earthly, and spatial. Even those of us who deny this separation have not consistently worked toward an affirmation of place and place-making. This, I would suggest, is what Bartholomew challenges us to do.
A few thoughts from finding our place in the Biblical story by Craig B. Bartholomew

Where is your and my place in this story?

When God set out to redeem his creation, his ultimate purpose was that what he had once created good should be utterly restored, that the whole cosmos should once again live and thrive under his beneficent rule.

From the beginning God’s people are to be “missionary.” They are chosen to be a channel of blessing to others. But in order to be a missionary people they have to be formed to be like the promise they carry.

If our lives are to be shaped by the story of Scripture, we need to understand two things well: the biblical story is a compelling unity on which we may depend, and each of us has a place within that story.

John’s vision in Revelation, indeed, in the whole New Testament, does not depict salvation as an escape from earth into a spiritualized heaven where human souls dwell forever. Instead, John is shown (and shows us in turn) that salvation is the restoration of God’s creation on a new earth. In this restored world, the redeemed of God will live.

The way we understand human life depends on what conception we have of the human story.

The world of the Bible is our world, and its story of redemption is also our story. This story is waiting for an ending—in part because we ourselves have a role to play before all is concluded. We must therefore pay attention to the continuing biblical story of redemption.

These quotes from C. Bartholomew encourage us to recover a sense of place and articulate a hopeful Christian vision of placemaking in today’s world.

Wishing you a good start to this new week as you keep seeking to find your place in the story!



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